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I’m Pascal the owner of Passive Income Ideas.

Let me tell you a bit about my history.

I have been pursuing passive income for years. Like many people I wanted the time and financial freedom to do the things I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them. And conversely, not do the things that I really did not want to do when I did not want to do them.

My journey started in the 1980′s with MLM with companies like Herbalife and L’Arome; followed in the 90′s with Powernet, Telecom Plus, and Tiscali. I even tried party plans with Dorling Kindersley. The 00′s was the turn of Neways. All these died out when my list of family and friends died out. At best with all these opportunities, I broke even.

Then the penny dropped about the massive potential of the internet,  so I quickly took my endeavors online. After all,  all the attempts in the past were because of my limited list of people I could get my message out to. With the internet, that list is potentially massive.

So off I went and built some websites.

But what I found was that pursuing my objective online was just as frustrating as off-line. The traffic that I needed for success was not coming to my sites. I was drowning in a sea of confusion, conflicting advice and in hindsight just plain lack of knowledge.

It’s alright buying a domain name, hosting, keyword research tools, etc but if you do not know how to use them properly it is just so much wasted money and effort. Or at least that was my experience.

At this point, I was about to give up on my passive income dreams when I clicked through to a review of Wealthy Affiliate. This was a game changer. With tutorials, an online community of 100,000+ and free website and tools to start, this was the ideal place to get the education that was so vital to online success.

But I must admit, at first I was skeptical and wondered if it was just another website offering the world and not delivering on its promises. What made me give it a go was the free starter membership. It allowed me to see for myself what was on offer and how it could finally give me the passive income I wanted.

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